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(( stolen from :iconjoycandlesp: ))

1. What color of skin are you?
I'm white. But, uh.. tan-ish? I guess, or at least, for a white guy.

2. What hair color are you?

3. What eye color are you?
Also brown. 
(( altho ive been kinda considering changing them to green <.> ))

4. Do you have freckles?

5. Do you have braces/glasses?

6. What style is your hair mostly?
Does "I actually don't care 'ow I look" count as a style? Because I usually just leave eet 'owever eet ees.
(( at some point in his late teens it does get to a point where he can easily pull it back in a pony, and does when he works to keep it out of the way, but its not like that for long before he chops it off again ))

7. Skinny, Fat, or normal?
Normal, I guess? 

8. Big feet, normal, or small?
What qualifies as 'normal'? I zink my combat boots are size 13, I'm not sure.

1. Bi, straight, or gay/lesbian? 
Why do you care, are you trying to geet into my pants? Eef no, zen eet's none of your business.

2. Religion?
Misotheism. ( Because God ees a little beetch, obviously. )

3. Support gay rights?
Of course.

1. Divorced or married parents?
I don't zink zey were ever married een ze first place, technically.

2. Step parents or married parents?

3. How many siblings, steps included.
Eef I 'ave any 'real' siblings, I don't know zem. But I consider Carmen to be my sister.

4. Lots of cousins or not?
I don't even know eef I 'ave any cousins.

5. Close to your family or not?
Absolutely not.

1. Song you love?
None een particular.

2. Band you love?
Again, nozzing een particular.

3. Type of music you love?
Ze loud kind, so I can drown out-.... Actually, nevermind. 
(( he also listens to opera and classical music, the little nerd. but he'd never admit that. ))

4. Color you love?
Black, and green, and red.

5. Food you love?
Ze kind zat you can eat, usually. 

6. Time of day you love?
Night time. Eet's quiet and dark and nobody bozzers me.

7. Books you love?
I do like zat book, Les Miserables. I'm not sure why, I've always just kind of.. related to eet. 
But I definitely do not waste time reading sheet like zat, absolutely not. Zat would be dumb.

8. Movie you love?
Movies don't tend to 'old my attention for long.

1. Boyfriend or Girlfriend?
Neizzer. Ever again.

2. Single or Taken?

3. Crush or Love?

5. Any crush in the past month?
Deedn't I just say no? Fucking 'ell.

6. What would you say if your friend asked to be with you?
Depends on what you mean by 'be wizth'. And, which friend.

7. Do you trust a lot of people?
Of course not. People are petty and selfish and stupid, and I don't need to be killed or put away because some little beetch snitched on me, anyway.

8. Do you get heartaches whenever your lonely?

9. Do you like to cuddle?
What? No, what do I look like, some kind of faggot? 
//extreme avoidance of eye contact// 

10. Perfect date idea?
Step one: leave me alone.
Step two: ¿?¿?¿?
Step three: profit.


Ask-Ze-Mole's Profile Picture
Christophe Noah DeLorne
United States
name// Christophe Noah DeLorne
aliases// the Mole
birthday// October 20
age// rp any age, but he's a year older than the sp boys
ethnicity// French
religion// Misotheism
occupation// Mercenary
mother// Anne DeLorne
father// Unknown
grandmother// Adele DeLorne (deceased)
grandfather// Éric DeLorne (deceased)
siblings// none known

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