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1.You must post these rules.

2. Each person has to share ten facts about themselves.

3.Answer the ten questions asked by the person who tagged you and post ten questions of your own for the people you tag.

4.Choose ten people and put you icons in your journal.

5. Go to their page and let them know they've been tagged.

6. Not something you are tagged if you can read that.

7. You have to legitimately tag ten people.

8. No tagbacks.

9. You can't say you don't do tags.

10. You must make a journal entry no comments.


1. Christophe got his cat, Pelle, as a kitten from a friend.

2. He has only been in two actual official dating relationships, ever.

3. The first time Christophe ever killed an animal was when he 'accidentally' dropped a vcr out of his second story window on to his neighbor's toy poodle pup.

4. He has never told anyone ever about the first time he killed a human, and most likely never will.

5. Christophe got his left ear pierced when he was 15 out of spite for his mother. It's a long story.

6. Ironically, one of the only times Christophe doesn't feel at least slightly at risk to some sort of panic attack or nervous breakdown is when his life is on the line. Put him in the path of fifteen armed men or twenty feet under ground and he's completely at peace. Bring him within sight range of a puppy and he starts hyperventilating.

7. After Mica broke up with him, he tried to keep clean from cigarettes and alcohol as he had been during the later bit of the relationship, but that only lasted a couple of months. Now he's back to chain smoking and drinking himself unconscious at least once every two weeks, although he's starting to get better with the alcohol. Slowly.

8. Christophe lost his virginity at a young age to a close friend.

9. The only member of his family he ever really liked was his grandmother. His mother took him to visit her every summer until the year of her passing.

10. When Christophe was 7, the year before he moved to America, he saved a little girl from a stranger in a back alleyway. He never knew her name or even remembered her face, but that was the day he decided he wanted to do good things in the world, even if it meant hurting others in the process. 

1.Would you take a bullet for someone you care about? - Of course.

2. Do You enjoy shooting Hippies? - I don't see why I would want to do zat, honestly. Zey're not 'urting anybody. Eet would be a waste of energy, time, and bullets.

3. Have you ever blown something up? - Of course I 'ave.

4. You ever shot someone by accident or on purpose? - No. //cue dripping sarcasm//

5. Tacos or Burritos? - I don't care. Eet ees food, eesn't eet? Just eat and be glad you 'ave food.

6. Do you think Clyde Donovan is kind of a douchebag? - I don't know 'im. But probably.

7. Do you think blowing up cow turds with grenades is fun? - Waste of grenades, ass'ole.

8. Do believe Scuzzlebutt is real? - Everyone een zis town ees retarded.

9. Does Cartman make you sick to your stomach. - Oui. 'e got me killed. 'e's a fucking faggot beetch and I 'ope 'e burns een 'ell where 'e belongs.

10. Do you like Sushi or Kimchi?  - Eet ees food. 

//lol i don't do questions or tags sue me motherfucker//


Ask-Ze-Mole's Profile Picture
Christophe Noah DeLorne
United States
name// Christophe Noah DeLorne
aliases// the Mole
birthday// October 20
age// rp any age, but he's a year older than the sp boys
ethnicity// French
religion// Misotheism
occupation// Mercenary
mother// Anne DeLorne
father// Unknown
grandmother// Adele DeLorne (deceased)
grandfather// Éric DeLorne (deceased)
siblings// none known

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